Are you looking for an appropriate valuation of your classic car? We evaluate your classic car not only according to its market value, but also to its historical value. Your vehicle will be given an individual value based on its condition and especially its history. This is important when it comes to adequate insurance coverage - even if your vehicle is an object of your capital investment. You've probably already encountered the concept of a "short report" or a purely visual assessment. Our service therefore encompasses much more than that and meets your expectations - Therefore: Talk to us!
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This is what you get when we create a qualified valuation report based on historical value: Comprehensive model research History and classification of your car Inspection of body cavities with video and image documentation of the sheet metal situation (e.g. is there corrosion or is it looming?) Internal mirroring of the engine cylinders with video and image documentation Internal mirroring of the fuel tank with image documentation Paint thickness measurement, as usual (physical), as well Paint thickness measurement optically, using FLIR (thermography via thermal imaging camera) Engine oil analysis (provides information about the technical condition and life-cycle of the engine) Interior: exposure to mold/spores Written dossier with attestation (can be used for your insurance coverage, basis for any sales negotiations, proof of value for your bank if it is to be deposited, value determination in the event of inheritance, etc.) Digital folder with all the files of the video scans and the image documentation
We are partnering with: Martelleria Blechmanufaktur Martin Deggelmann (specialized on BMW 507, E9, E3 and others) Martelleria - Studio für Blechformtechnik, Gewerbering 2, D-85659 Forstern, Germany Feierabend GmbH, Würzburg Feierabend GmbH, MD Thomas Feierabend, Wilhelm-Wien-Strasse 4, D-97080 Würzburg, Germany
Your valued contribution: The following documents are usually required for an appraisal: Vehicle documents (registration certificates, titles) Evidence of repairs, restorations or conversions If at hand, information about special features or rarity of the vehicle
Your contact with us: E-Mail: Phone: +49 - 155 66 - 620 730
Pyritz Classics within „Klassikstadt Frankfurt“ (specialized on Mercedes Benz) Pyritz Classics GmbH, MD Rainer Dschüdow, Orberstrasse 4a, D-60386 Frankfurt (Main), Germany
Ron Wischmann, specializes in the preparation of leather and “soft paint” („sticky“ control keyboard in the dashboard of many young classics) Ronald Wischmann, Managing Director, Bergstedter Chaussee 192, D-22395 Hamburg, Germany
Website in deutscher Sprache: Bitte auf die D-Flagge clicken
Instead of buying, you can also lease your classic automobile - as a enterprise entity or as a private individual. COMCO Classic Car Leasing, Managing Directors: Thomas Kolvenbach, Kerstin Schnittker, Eckhard Opalka, Harffstraße 110a, D-40591 Düsseldorf, Germany
Karl's Garage has existed for more than 35 years and has specialized for many years in the outstanding restoration and high-quality care of Citroen DS, including the legendary Chapron convertible from the Ateliers Henry Chapron. Managing Director Roman Matheja, Citroën DS Manufaktur by Karl's Autowerkstatt, Brensbacher Straße 80, D-64395 Brensbach / Wersau, Germany